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First and foremost, for use of their photos, I would like to thank Asendorfer-Orchideenzucht.com, Dot Barnett, Jon Barsalou, Lisa Beausejour, bench72, William Bellingham, Elizabeth Berenstein, Todd Boland, David Boucher, Zach Bradford, Ray Brown, Ron Burch (http://www.gardensatposthill.com/), Peter Cataldo, Darin Clapp, Teresa Cohen, Jay Ciezki, Darren Clapp, Helena Cohen, Teresa Cohen, Tadd Daniel, Ibn Dionisio, Adam Dreisewerd, Dave Eickhoff, Jean-Pierre Faust, Stan Fazi, Kim Feddersen, Colin A. Flynn, J. Matthew Gore, Stephan Haberer, Hakone, Rob Halgren, David Harrap, Ross Hella, Richard Hepler, Daniel Herrera, Wendy Hoffman, Christoph Hutter, Alexander Jeans, Tom Keating, Roy Lee, Rick Lockwood, Kyle Lucyk, Lien Luu, Jean Lux, Heather McDonald, Wolfgang Meier, Marilyn Morton, Bruce Mullenix, Hien Nguyen, Teresa Nguyen, Mangkara Nongrang, Gilda Pafford, Paul P. Perakos, Donna Philips, Jean-Paul Pichardie, Somphon Potisophon, Ron Rayher, Shanna Read, C. Rehm, Clark T. Riley (http://cyps.us/), Kim Robilliard, Gideon Scheepers, Istvan Semsey, Ignas Stanevicius, Russell Stoddart, Carsten Strömpl, Roberto Takase, Naoki Takebayashi, Marcus Tan, Eliseo Teson, Allan Tetzlaff, Trithor, C. Ufford, Richard T. Van Zandt II, Yijia Wang, and D.E. Wittkower.   I met many of these and many other wonderful people at Slippertalk.com.

New! I have added two pages to the menu above - Paph Species Descriptions and Phrag Species Descriptions.  I'm working on gathering and posting all the original descriptions of Paph & Phrag species (and synonyms).  So far, I've gotten almost all from the Victorian Era and the freely available modern ones.  I am in the process of gathering scans of the remaining modern ones from nearby libraries but many European/World orchid journals aren't available in my area.  I have posted a list of the articles I need below.  If anyone has .pdf's they can send me or has the magazines and would be willing to scan the articles for me I would be grateful.  Please send them to silence882@gmail.com.  Once I have gathered most of the descriptions I'll be contacting the authors and publishers for permission to post.  The articles I need are:

Also, I am always in search of new pictures (even of those blooms which I have multiples of), so if anyone would allow me to use their photos, please send me an e-mail.

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