**Thanks much to Greig Russell for the indices to Volumes I and II**

Orchid Biology, Reviews and Perspectives, I, edited by J. Arditti, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1977.

Author Title Pages
Holttum, R.E. A Personal View of Orchids 15-24
Schmid, R. and M.J. Schmid Fossil History of the Orchidaceae 25-46
de Wit, H.C.D. Orchids in Rumphius' Herbarium Amboinense 47-94
Slaytor, M.B. The Distribution and Chemistry of Alkaloids in the Orchidaceae 95-116
Arditti, J. and M.H. Fisch Anthocyanins of the Orchidaceae: Distribution, Heredity, Functions, Synthesis, and Localization 117-156
Arditti, J. and C.R. Harrison Vitamin Requirements and Metabolism in Orchids 157-176
Vajrabhaya, T. Variations in Clonal Propagation 177-202
Arditti, J. Clonal Propagation of Orchids by Means of Tissue Culture - A Manual 203-293


Orchid Biology, Reviews and Perspectives, II, edited by J. Arditti, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1982.

Author Title Pages
Dunsterville, G.C.K. and E. Dunsterville AuyŠn-tepui: Reminiscences of an Orchid Search 19-38
Sing-chi, C. and T. Tsin A General Review of the Orchid Flora of China 39-82
Hadley, G. Orchid Mycorrhiza 83-118
Williams, N.H. The Biology of Orchids and Euglossine Bees 119-172
Avadhani, P.N., C.J. Goh, A.N. Rao, and J. Arditti Carbon Fixation in Orchids 173-194
Poole, H.A. and T. J. Sheehan Mineral Nutrition of Orchids 195-212
Goh, C.J., M.S. Strauss, and J. Arditti Flower Induction and Physiology in Orchids 213-242
Arditti, J., M.A. Clements, G. Fast, G. Hadley, G. Nishimura, and R. Ernst Orchid Seed Germination and Seedling Culture - A Manual 243-370


Orchid Biology, Reviews and Perspectives, III, edited by J. Arditti, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1984.

Author Title Pages
Northern, R.T. Orchids: Their Innocent Past, Their Promising Yet Perilous Future 19-26
Lawler, L.J. Ethnobotany of the Orchidaceae 27-149
Stoessl, A., and J. Arditti Orchid Phytoalexins 151-75
Arditti, J., and R. Ernst Physiology of Germinating Orchid Seeds 177-222
Ernst, R., and E. Rodriguez Carbohydrates of the Orchidaceae 223-60
Hausen, B.M. Toxic and Allergenic Orchids 261-82
Seth, C.J., and P.J. Cribb A Reassessment of the Sectional Limits in the Genus Cymbidium Schwartz 283-322
Tanaka, R., and H. Kamemoto Chromosomes in Orchids: Counting and Numbers 323-410


Orchid Biology, Reviews and Perspectives, IV, edited by J. Arditii, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1987.

Author Title Pages
Alphonso, A.G. Orchidology in Southeast Asia: A History 19-32
Benzing, D.H. Major Patterns and Processes in Orchid Evolution: A Critical Synthesis 33-78
Dafni, A. Pollination in Orchis and Related Genera: Evolution from Reward to Deception 79-104
Rasmussen, H. Orchid Stomata: Structure, Differentiation, Function, and Phylogeny 105-38
Pridgeon, A.M. The Velamen and Exodermis of Orchid Roots 139-92
Yeung, E.C. Development of Pollen and Accessory Structures in Orchids 193-226
Hew, C. S. Resperation in Orchids 227-60
Hadley, G., M. Arditti, and J. Arditti Orchid Diseases- A Compendium 261-328

Orchid Biology, Reviews and Perspectives, V, edited by J. Arditti, Portland, OR: Timber Press, 1990.

Author Title Pages
Went, F.W. Orchids in My Life 21-36
Dixon, K.W., J.S. Pate, and J. Kuo The Western Australian Fully Subterranean Orchid Rhizanthella Gardneri 37-62
Sinclair, R. Water Relations in Orchids 63-120
Catling, P.M. Auto-Pollination in the Orchidaceae 121-58
Averyanov, L.V. A Review of the Genus Dactylorhiza 159-206
Lewis, M.W.H. Power and Passion: The Orchid in Literature 207-50
Czerevczenko, T.M., and I.V. Kosakovskaya Perspectives of Tropical Orchids in Space Research 251-64
Hamilton, R.H. Flowering Months of Orchid Species Under Cultivation 265-408

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