Cypripedium Primary & Complex Hybrids

Achim (2003)
froschii parviflorum var. pubescens

Aki (1996)
macranthos parviflorum var. pubescens

Birgit (2006)
macranthos cordigerum

Cleo Pinkepank (1998)
kentuckiense macranthos var. hotei-atsumorianum

Dietrich (2003)
calceolus kentuckiense

Emil (1993)
calceolus parviflorum

Gerhard (2005)
farreri franchetii

macranthos parviflorum

Hank Small (1991)
henryi parviflorum

Inge (2003)
fasciolatum parviflorum

Ingrid (1990)
cordigerum parviflorum

Lothar Pinkepank (2005)
parviflorum var. pubescens kentuckiense

Lucy Pinkepank (1998)
kentuckiense tibeticum

Maria (1991)
parviflorum macranthos var. speciosum

Michael (1998)
henryi macranthos

Philipp (1996)
kentuckiense macranthos

Pixi (2003)
calceolus tibeticum

Rascal (1990)
kentuckiense parviflorum

Renate (2009)
macranthos franchetii

Sabine (2002)
fasciolatum macranthos

Sunny (2004)
fasciolatum calceolus

Ulla Silkens (1996)
flavum reginae

Victoria (2005)
parviflorum var. pubescens fasciolatum

Emil kentuckiense

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