The Orchids, Scientific Studies, edited by C.L. Withner. New York: Wiley, 1974.

Author Title Pages
Sanford, W.W. The Ecology of Orchids 1-100
Stoutamire, W. Terrestrial Orchid Seedlings 101-28
Withner, C.L. Developments in Orchid Physiology 129-68
Morel, G.M. Clonal Multiplication of Orchids 169-222
Veyret, Y. Development of the Embryo and the Young Seedling Stages of Orchids 223-66
Withner, C.L., P.K. Nelson, and P.J. Wejksnora The Anatomy of Orchids 267-348
Luning, B. Alkaloids of the Orchidaceae 349-82
Jones, K. Cytology and the Study of Orchids 383-92
Mehlquist, G.A.L. Some Aspects of Polyploidy in Orchids, with Particular Reference to Cymbidium, Paphiopedilum, and the Cattleya Alliance 393-410
Tanaka, R., and H. Kamemoto List of Chromosome Numbers in Species of the Orchidaceae 411-84
Garay, L.A., and H.R. Sweet Natural and Artificial Hybrid Generic Names of Orchids, 1887-1973 485-562

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