The Orchids, A Scientific Survey, edited by C.L. Withner, New York: Ronald Press, 1959.

Author Title Pages
Withner, C.L. Introduction and History of Orchid Culture 3-14
Schweinfurth, C. Classification of Orchids 15-44
Shusan, S. Developmental Anatomy of an Orchid, Cattleya XTrimos 45-72
Adams, H.H. Aspects of Variation in the Orchidaceae 73-154
Wirth, M., and C.L. Withner Embryology and Development in the Orchidaceae 155-88
Duncan, R.E. Orchids and Cytology 189-260
Lenz, L.W., and D.E. Wimber Hybridization and Inheritance in Orchids 261-314
Withner, C.L. Orchid Physiology 315-60
Burgeff, H. Mycorrhiza of Orchids 361-96
Rotor, G.B., Jr. The Photoperiodic and Temperature Responses of Orchids 397-418
Ark, P.A. Fungal and Bacterial Diseases of Orchids 419-30
Jensen, D.D. Virus Diseases of Orchids 431-58
Pritchard, A.E. Orchid Pests and Their Control 459-76
Childers, N.F., H.R. Cibes, and E. Hernandez-Medina Vanilla - The Orchid of Commerce 477-510
Schweinfurth, C. Appendix I, Key to the Orchids 511-28
Duncan, R.E. Appendix II, List of Chromosome Numbers in Orchids 529-88
Withner, C.L. Appendix III, Orchid Culture Media and Nutrient Solutions 589-600
Withner, C.L. Appendix IV, Smear Techniques for Chromosome Counts in Orchids 601-04

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