Proceedings of the 2nd World Orchid Conference

Author Title Pages
Bluemnstock, D. The Climates of Hawaii 6
Carter, W. Growers, Orchids, and Climates Cooperate 7-10
Hunt, T.E. The Dendrobiums of the Pacific Region 11-21
Womersley, J.S. Some Remarks on Horticulturally Desirable Orchids in New Guinea 22-23
Miyamoto, M. Dendrobiums for Cut-Flower Use 24
Kosaki, K. Preliminary Investigations on the Cytogenetics of Dendrobium 25-28
Quisumbing, E. Phalaenopsis of the Philippines 29-36
Kirsch, O.M. New Trends in Phalaenopsis Breeding 37-38
Wright, H.D. Factors in Phalaenopsis Culture 39
Holttum, R.E. Evoutionary Trends in the Sarcanthine Orchids 40-47
Kirch, W. Concepts of Judging Vandaceous Genera 48-50
Kamemoto, H. Polyploidy in Vanda 51-55
Warne, R.E. Growing Cypripediums in Warm Climates 56-58
Merkel, N.B. Growing Cypripediums in Florida 59-60
Wilson, W.W. Cyps and the Psyche 61-62
Yamada, M. General Techniquefor Germination with Suggestions for Cypripedium Seed Planting 63-66
Lawrence, G.H.M. Nomenclature and Registration for World Orchidists 67-74
Sander, D.F. Nomenclature and Registration of Orchid Hybrids 75-83
Moir, W.W.G. Reports of the Chairman of the Committee on Classification, Nomenclature and Registration in Orchids 84-90
  Minutes of Meeting 91-92
McLellan, R.I. The Commercial Aspects of Growing Orchids in Bark 93-96
Beall, G.F. Controlling Flowering Periods to Hit the Holidays 97-99
Aspeslagh, A. Commercial Orchid Growing in Europe 100-04
Hampton, J. An Orchid Growers' Association - Its Aims and Accomplishments 105
Peters, C.W. What About the Market for Orchids? 106-08
Shoemaker, J. An Economist's View of the Orchid Industry 109-11
Nagano, Y. Miniature Cymbidiums in Japan 112
Vote, J.A. Cymbidiums in Australia 113-16
Hetherington, E.E. New Trends in Cymbidium Breeding 117-19
Schelpe, E.A. Indigenous Orchids of South Africa 120-22
Mendonca, L. de. Orchid Growing in Brazil 123-25
Urpia, H. Variation in Cattleyas and Laelias 126-29
Hager, H. Control of Flowering in Cattleyas 130-31
Dunsterville, G.C.K. Orchids of Venezuela 132-34
Dodson, C.H. Cytogenetics in Oncidium 135-38
Lecoufle, M. Odontoglossums and Their Hybrids 139-45
Moir, W.W.G. Intergeneric Breeding in Miltonia and Its Allies 146-48
Sweet, H.R. Miltonias for the Amateur 149-51
Lucier, R. Florist Use of Orchids 152-53
Sparks, W.H. Landscaping with Orchids in Florida 154-56
McDonald, L. Orchid Plants for Interior Decorative Use 157-58
Rotor, G.B., Jr. Colchicine as a Tool in Orchid Hybridization 159-69
Wimber, D.E. Pentaploidy in the Development of Stud Plants 170-72
Tsuchiya, I. Germination of Premature Orchid Seeds 173-75
Tomasi, J.A. de. Irradiation of Orchid Material: Procedures and Preliminary Results 176-80
Jensen, D.D. Virus Diseases, with Special Reference to Orchids 181-88
Brieger, F.G. On the Phytogeography of Orchids 189-99
Mehlquist, G.A.L. Genetics and Orchid Breeding 200-08
Anderson, E., and C.H. Dodson. Introgressive Hybridization in Oncidium 209-12
Featherston, H.B. Orchid Gems for the Hobbyist 213-14
Anthony, H.E. Common Sense in Orchid Growing 215-20
Ott, J.N., Jr. Time-Lapse Pictures of Growing Orchids 221
Ann, K.K. Orchid Growing in Malaya 221-23
Jefferson, R.N. Orchid Pests and Their Control 224-25
Sheehan, T.J. Orchid Potting Media 226-30
Teuscher, H. Botanical Gardens and Orchids 231-34
Drayton, W.W. Orchid Research, A Key to the Future 235-40

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