Proceedings of the 3rd World Orchid Conference

Author Title Pages
Stearn, W.T. Two Thousand Years of Orchidology 26-42
Sander, D.F. Orchids in Cultivation - A Century of Progress 42-50
Nagano, Y. Orchids in Japan 50-55
Deutschmann, F. Room Orchid-Growing in Germany 56-60
Hofsommer, A.J. Successful Fluorescent-Lighted Home Orchid Culture 60-66
Stoddard, G.R. Growing Orchids Outdoors- Semi-Tropical Climate 66-86
Volkert, G.R. Cultural Aids and Devices for the Amateurs 86-98
Dunsterville, G.C.K. The Habitat of Venezuelan Orchids 98-106
Mason, L.M. The Cultivation of Orchid Species by Amateurs in England 106-09
Moir, W.W.G. Hybridizing 109-18
Humphreys, J.L. Cattleya Breeding- Past and Future Trends 118-24
Scully, R.M. Judging Cattleya Hybrids 124-29
McLellan, R.I. Today Cattleyas Are Easy to Grow Almost Anywhere 129-36
Withner, C.L., and H.H. Adams Generic Relationships and Evolution Among Cattleyas and Their Relatives 136-54
Kirsch, O.M. The Breeding of Phalaenopsis Hybrids 154-59
Lewis, G. Malaysian Vandas 159-64
Schokman, O.N.O. The Growing of Phalaenopsis and Vandas in Ceylon 164-71
Garay, L.A. On the Origin of the Orchidaceae 172-96
Holttum, R.E. The Ecology of Tropical Epiphytic Orchids 196-204
Schelpe, E.A. Disa Uniflora 204-07
Lindquist, B. The Raising of Disa Uniflora Seedlings in Gothenburg 207-11
Sheehan, T.J. Effects of Nutrition and Potting Media on Growth and Flowering of Certain Epiphytic Orchids 211-18
Blowers, J.W. Diseases and Pests 218-24
Davidson, O.W. Principles of Orchid Nutrition 224-34
Dungal, N. Orchid Culture at High Latitudes 234-39
Mehlquist, G.A.L. Polyploidy in Orchids 239-44
Rothwell, S.B. The Progress of Cymbidium Hybrids in England 245-54
Helton, O.M. Factors Affecting Flower Productivity of Cymbidiums 254-57
Slattery, F.M. On Judging Cymbidiums 257-65
Wichmann, F. The Breeding, Cultivating and Hybridizing of Dendrobiums in Europe with Special Regard to German Cultures 266-73
Warne, J.M. The Contributions of Judging to the Improvement of Dendrobiums in Hawaii 273-79
Black, P.M. International Trade in Orchids 280-85
Aspeslagh, J.F. The European Cut-Flower Trade in Orchids and Some of Its Problems 285-94
Kirch, W. Standards in the Orchid Plant Trade 294-98
Beall, G.F. Recent Developments in Greenhouse Construction and Heating 298-304
Summerhayes, V.S. Taxonomy and the Importance of Herbaria 305-12
Gilmour, J.S.L. Orchid Collections at Botanic Gardens 312-13
Brieger, F.G. Orchids in Botanical Gardens in Brazil 313-17
Dress, W.J. Orchid Nomenclature of Intergeneric Hybrids 317-28
Brieger, F.G. Geographic Distribution and Phyllogeny of Orchids 328-33
Brieger, F.G. On the Taxonomy of the Tribe Laelieae (Orchidaceae) 333-45
Wilcox, E.C. Growth and Flowering Factors in Cypripedium 346-53
Ikeda, N. The Breeding of Cypripediums 353-56
Stirling, W. The Judging of Cypripediums 356-65
Ospina-Hernandez, M. An Introduction to the Study of Colombian Odontoglossums 366-80
Norris, K.H. The Breeding and Cultivation of Odontoglossums 381-90
Hoyt, G.M. The Cultivation of Miltonias 391-97
Lecoufle, M. Judging Odontoglossum and Miltonia Hybrids 397-404

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