Proceedings of the 5th World Orchid Conference

Author Title Pages
Vacherot, M. Meristem Tissue Propagation of Orchids 23-26
Wimber, D.E. Artificially Induced Polyploidy in Cymbidiums 27-34
Hey, G.L. Raising Rare Orchids from Seed 35-40
Hart, G.W. Orchids of Jamaica 41-44
Kugust, K. Hybridizing Oncidiums 45-52
Dunsterville, G.C.K. The Venezuelan Guayana and Its Orchids 53-68
Dickinson, S. Orchid Hunting in Mexico 69-76
Pollard, G.E. In Quest of Mexican Epidendrums 77-82
Sweet, H.R. Collecting Orchids in the Northern Andes 83-84
De Garmo, L.R. Some Thoughts on the Breeding of Miniature Cymbidiums 85-90
Yamada, M. Miniature Vandaceous Hybrids 91-94
Sheehan, T.J. The Fertilization of Orchids 95-98
Sagawa, Y., and H.L. Valmayor Embryo Culture of Orchids 99-102
Miller, J.H. Philippine Phalaenopsis Past and Present 103-04
Kuhn, L.B., and E.F. Patterson Prospects for Future Breeding of Phalaenopsis 105-14
Sagarik, R. Orchid Collecting Trips in Thailand 115-18
Holgate, J. Painting Orchids 119-24
Alphonso, A.G. The Need for Conservation of Malaysian Orchid Species 125-32
Kamemoto, H. Cytogenetics of Asiatic Orchids 133-36
Choon, Y.B. Spathoglottis in Malaysia 137-40
Slade, H. Orchids East of the Wallace Line 141-44
Slattery, F. Cymbidiums in Australia 145-48
McCraith, G. Cultivation of Odontoglossums and Miltonias at Latitude 38 South 149-52
Kirkland, K. Native Orchids of Australia 153-84
Porter, A.B. Sunlight Culture of Orchids in Sydney 185-88
Smoothey, W.R. Some Interesting Members of the Sarcochilus Alliance 189-92
Sander, D.F. Day's Monograph, with Particular Reference to Indian Orchids 193-98
Gripp, P. Famous Cymbidiums, Past and Present 199-210
Luning, B. Chemotaxonomy in a Dendrobium Complex 211-16
Dalpethado, M.E. Orchid Hybridization in Ceylon 217-20
Blowers, J.W. Indian Crocuses- Pleiones' New-Found Popularity 221-24
Bertsch, W. A New Frontier- Orchid Propagation by Meristem Tissue Culture 225-30
Schelpe, E.A. Orchid Hunting in South Africa 231-32
Lecoufle, M. Orchids of Madagascar 233-38
Koopowitz, H. Pollination and Floral Morphology in Four African Orchids 239-44
Scott, P.E. The Orchids of Kenya; Their Collection and Cultivation 245-48
Rogaly, J.M. A Show of South Orchids, with a Few Ecological Data 249-52
Vogel, P.S. Scent Organs of Orchid Flowers and Their Importance in Insect Pollination 253-60
Miller, J.E. Proposal for Computer Tabulation of Orchids 261-68
Vermuelen, P. The System of Orchidales 249-52

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