Proceedings of the 6th World Orchid Conference

Author Title Pages
Gordon, E.G. The Distribution of Orchid Species in Australia 1-12
Blomberry, A.M. Aspects in the Ecology of Australian Native Orchids 13-24
Blaxell, D.F. The Orchids of Australia - The Eastern Temperate Region 25-30
George, A.S. The Orchids of Australia - The Western Australian Region 31-34
Deane, R. Australian Bulbophyllum Species 35-38
Bedford, R.B. Australian Dendrobiums of the Eastern Temperate Zone 39-46
Maxwell, M.K. The Dendrobium Kingianum Bidw. Ex. Lindl. Complex 47-50
Lawler, L.J., M. Slaytor, and J. Done Biochemical Investigations of Australian Orchidaceae 51-54
Lavarack, P.S. Numerical Methods in the Taxonomy of Orchids 55-62
Taylor, R.H. Are Virus Diseased Plants Really Necessary? 63-66
Schwartz, B.C.W. Australian Cymbidiums and the World Market 67-70
Giles, G.J. Cymbidium Breeding Trends in Australia 71-74
Trenerry, R.E. The Genus Paphiopedilum in Australia - Culture and Breeding 75-78
Bryant, A.R. Modern Non-Staining Cymbidiums 79-82
Dockrill, A.W. Orchids of Australia - Tropical North-East Region 83-86
Millar, A. Botanicals of New Guinea 87-92
Slade, G.H. Hybridising Potential of New Guinea Dendrobiums 93-94
Ospina, M. Columbian Orchids and Their Conservation 95-98
Fernandez, A. A Synopsis of the Genus Masdevalia 99-100
Morel, G.M. The Principles of Clonal Multiplication of Orchids 101-06
Lecoufle, M. The Impact of Meristem Propagation of Orchids 107-10
Schoser, G. Species of the Genus Paphiopedilum 111-14
Humphreys, J.L. Cattleya Breeding, Present and Future 115-18
Ratcliffe, E. New Colours and New Forms in Paphiopedilum 119-23
Bilton, R. Cymbidiums of the Present and Future 123-30
Tanaka, R. Deheterochromatinisation of Chromosomes and Gigantic Forms in Spiranthes Sinensis 131-32
Kano, K. Seed Germination of Oriental Cymbidium and Their Shoot Tip Culture 133-42
Ito, I. Ultra-Cold Storage of Orchid Pollen 143-48
Alphonso, G. Growing Vandaceous Orchids in the Singapore Region 149-52
du Plooy, J.F. The Orchid Hobbyist in South Africa 153-56
Schelpe, E.A.C.L.E. The Genus Disa and Allied Genera in South Africa 157-60
Sagarik, R. The Horticultural Vandaceous Orchid Species of Thailand 161-64
Hetherington, E. Cultural Techniques for Cymbidiums in the United States of America 165-68
Holguin, L. Blue Cattleyas, Past, Present and Future 169-72
Kirsch, O.M. Advances in Vanda Breeding 173-76
Sheehan, T., and M.R. Sheehan Orchid Genera Illustrated 177-78
Charles, E.W. Botanicals in a Hobbyist's Collection 179-82
Scully, R.M., Sr. Orchid Plant Sales and Breeding 183-86
McLellan, R.I. Meristem - Catastrophe or Utopia? 187-91
Beall, G.F. What We Know About Virus from a Commercial Viewpoint 191-94
Vaughn, L., and V. Vaughn. The Colourful World of Phalaenopsis 195-98
Shaffer, K. Growing Phalaenopsis for the Cut-Flower Industry 199-202
Arditti, J., and R. Ernst. Anthocyanins in the Chemotaxonomy of Orchids 203-18
Bachman, C.W. The Use of Computers in Orchid Hybridisation 219-32
Stoutamire, W.P. Pollination in Temperate American Orchids 233-44
Kamemoto, H., and G.J. Wilfret Genome Breeding in Dendrobium 245-48
Sagawa, Y. Cytology of Phalaenopsis 249-54

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