Proceedings of the 11th World Orchid Conference

Author Title Pages
Ackerman, J.D. Pollination of Tropical and Temperate Orchids 98-101
Arditti, Joseph et al. Some Structural and Physiological Features Which Facilitate the Survival of Orchids 102-05
Atwood, A.T. The Cypripedium Calceolus L. Complex in North America 106-10
Bailes, C. Orchids in Borneo and Their Conservation 111-14
Benson, R.E. An Energy-Efficient Greenhouse 115-17
Carpenter, M.O. Temperature Tolerance in Cymbidiums 118-20
Catling, P.M. Canadian Orchids: Distribution and Pollination Biology 121-35
Chang, W. Breeding Broughtonias 136-37
Clements, M.A. The Conservation of Australian Orchids 138-41
Coll, C.A. Breeding and Growing Phalaenopsis in South Africa 142-44
Cribb, P.J. A Review of the "Antelope" Dendrobiums, Dendrobium Sect. Spatulata 145-49
Dalstrom, S. What is an Odontoglossum? 150-52
Dressler, R.L. What is Classification and Why Does It Keep Changing? 153-58
Duckitt, F. How a Farmer's Wife Grows Cymbidiums in South Africa 159-61
Ewing, J. New Trends in Phalaenopsis Breeding 162-65
Goh, C.J. Flowering in Tropical Orchids 166-73
Griesbach, R.J. Biochemistry of Flower Color 174-76
Hager, H. Breeding Phalaenopsis for New Color and Form a New Horizon 192-94
Hagsater, E. Towards an Understanding of the Genus Epidendrum 195-201
Hammer, R.L. The Native Orchids of Florida 202-04
Hanajima, M. Representative Types of Miniature Cattleyas 205-10
Henderson, J.L. Orchid Culture in the United States 211-14
Hendrix, G., and J. Morehead Everglades National Park: An Imperiled Wetland 215-19
Kamemoto, H., and J. McConnell Breeding with Amphidiploid Dendrobiums 220-23
Ko, N.J., and T.J. Sheehan Orchids of Taiwan 224-26
Koopowitz, H., and N. Hasegawa Breeding Vinicolor Paphiopedilums 227-28
Lecoufle, Marcel Orchids in 3-D 229
Lecoufle, Maurice French Breeding Lines in Phalaenopsis 230
Liebman, H. Contemporary Miltoniopsis Hybridizing 231-33
Lizama, C. Orchids of Guatemala and Central America 234-37
Luer, C.A. The Native Orchids of Continental United States Excluding Florida 238
Luer, C.A. A Key to the Genera of Pleurothallidinae 239-45
McCraith, G. The Breeding Trends of the Odontoglossum Alliance in Australia 246-47
McQuerry, M.N. On Orchid Books 248-50
Monkhouse, S. Miniature Cymbidiums 251-54
Nair, H. Post Harvest Physiology and Handling of Orchids 255-60
Nash, N. New Developments in American Cattleya Breeding 261-63
Ooi, M.H.C. Collecting Paphiopedilums in Malaysia 264-66
Ossian, C.R. Native Orchids of Alaska 267-77
Pedrosa, L.F. Wild Orchids of Portugal 278-80
Petroski, R.J. Breeding Green Cattleyas 281-84
Pradhan, G. India's Native Orchids 285-89
Pritchard, H. Terrestrial Orchid Seed Storage 290-93
Rittershausen, W. Orchid Growing in the United Kingdom 294-98
Sagarik, R. Some Ideas on Conservation and Development of Rarer Thai Orchid Species 299-301
Saito, K. A Revision of the Genus Paphiopedilum 302-07
Schelpe, E.A. The Section Formosae of the Genus Dendrobium 308-10
Schmude, Haas N.F. von Tissue Culturing Phalaenopsis Using Leaves and Leave Segments 311
Sidran, C.B. Vandaceous Alliance Intergeneric Hybridization 312-18
Sophonsiri, T. New Trends in Vanda Breeding 319-21
Steiner, M.L. Philippine Orchids 322-26
Stewart, J. Angraecoid Orchids 327-30
Tan, K.W. Basics of Orchid Taxonomy 331-34
Vajrabhaya, M., and T. Vajrabhaya A Study of the Orchid Epidermis Using the Electron Scanning Microscope 335-42
Valmayor, H.L. Philippine Paphiopedilums 343-46
Vandermeulen, J.H. Northern Climates and Greenhouses: New Approaches in Canada 347-52
Vasquez, Ch. R. Bolivian Orchids 372-75
Verboonen, J.L.J. The Brazilian Laelias 376-77
Wallbrunn, H.M. The Art and Science of Orchid Hybridizing 378-84
Webb, M. Miniature Orchids of the New World 385-91
Williams, N.H., and M. Whitten Advances and Trends in Orchid Floral Fragrance Analysis 392-95
Wilson, K.S. The Equitant Oncidiums 396-401
Wisler, G.C., and F.W. Zettler The Principles and Applications of Diagnostic Techniques Used for Orchid Virus Detection 402-06
Zettler, F.W. et al. Virus Diseases of Orchids - Some Basics and a Perspective for Growers 407-12

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