Proceedings of the 16th World Orchid Conference

Author Title Pages
Cribb, P. Orchids at the Millennium, Diversity and Status 107-11
Ackerman, J.D. Plants in the Greenhouse - Species Salvation or the Living Dead? 112-16
Nash, N. Conservation, Societies and Individuals 117-20
Griesbach, R. Understanding DNA 121-24
Pridgeon, A. The Molecular Revolution in Orchid Systematics 125-31
Sagawa, Y. Orchids: From Cell to Flower 132-33
Elliott, M.S., B.J. Siegmann, and F.W. Zettler Orchid Viruses: A Glimpse Into the Current Status of Common Viruses Infecting Orchids 134-38
Diver, D., and G. Heaps Fragile Spaces and the Community Link: Orchids in Alberta, Canada 139-42
Ramsay, M. Orchid Propagation for Conservation 143-47
Koopowitz, H., and T.A. Marchant Research Needs for Management of Wild Orchids: Lessons from Aerangis Verdickii 148-51
Fay, M.F. et al. Molecular Techniques for Orchid Conservation: Genetic Studies 152-57
Chau, L., and G. Siu Orchid Conservation Initiatives in Southern China 158
Aoyama, M. Cytology of Cypripedioideae 161-64
Banzinger, H. Smart Alecks and Dumb Flies: Natural Pollination of Some Wild Lady Slipper Orchids (Paphiopedilum Spp., Orchidaceae) 165-69
van den Berg, C. et al. Molecular Systematics of the Laeliinae 170-76
Bullini, L. et al. Speciation by Hybridization and Polyploidy in European Orchids of the Genus Dactylorhiza 177-82
Cameron, K. Phylogenetics and Character Evolution Within Vanilloideae (Orchidaceae) 183-91
Case, M.A. Evolutionary Patterns in Cypripedium: Inferences from Allozyme Analyses 192-202
Clements, M.A. Orchid Embryology Providing Insight Into Evolution of Orchids 203-08
Jenny, R. New and Rediscovered Species of Stanhopeinae 209-12
Johnson, S.D. The Pollination Ecology of Southern African Orchids 213-17
Kores, P. Circumscription and Phylogeny of the Spiranthoid Orchids and Implications for Character Evolution 218-24
Lee, N. Forcing Requirements of Phalaeopsis 225-28
Light, M.H.S., and M. MacConaill Population Ecology of Canadian Orchids 229-33
Michel, E.E. Asymbiotic Propagation of Tropical Terrestrial Orchid Species 234-40
Molvray, M. Orchid Seeds: Thoughts on Character Evolution and Development Based on Plastid RbcL, MatK, and TrnL-F Trees 241-47
Thammasiri, K. Preservation of Seeds of Some Thai Orchid Species by Vitrification 248-51
Zelmer, C.D., R.L. Peterson, and J.F. Gerrath Unflasking Orchids: Do Sterile Plants Benefit from Innoculation with "Helper Organisms? 252-59
Banks, D. Australian Sarcochilus Species and Their Use in Hybrids 261-64
Behar, M. Photographing Miniature Orchids 265-66
Biro, J. The Native Orchid Species of British Columbia, Canada 267-71
Chen, W.H. et al. Development of White Taisuco Phalaenopsis 272-78
Christenson, E.A. Maxillaria, an Overview 279-90
Collins, S. Developments in Yellow and Novelty Phalaenopsis 291-93
Cusi, S. Conservaion of Orchid Habitats, a Long Range Approach 294-95
Dalstrom, S. The Genus Odontoglossum - Taxonomically Endangered 296-99
Doherty, J. North American Cypripedium Species 300-04
Ejiri, M. Cattleya Breeding in Japan 305-07
Elvin, J. South African Indigenous Orchids 308-10
Fighetti, C. Development of Red Phalaenopsis 311-13
Fung, T.K. Cymbidium Ensifolium 314-19
Glicenstein, L. Some Native Orchids of Northeastern USA 320-22
Hasegawa, N. Parvispalous Paphiopedilums and Their Recent Hybrids 323-25
Hermans, J. The Orchids of Madagascar, 350 Years of Exploration 326-31
Hermans, J. Photography 332-33
Hirtz, A. Patterns of Diversity of the Equatorial Odontoglossums 334-37
Hirtz, A. Ecuadorian Pleurothallids and Their Habitats 338-41
Jagannathan, V.K. Native Species and Conservation Needs of Indian Orchids 342-44
Jenny, R.N. et al. Computers and Orchids at the World Orchid Conference 345-46
Koch, A. Sophronitis: The Tiny Titan of Cattleya Breeding 347-49
Manning, S., and F. Manning. Florence H. Woolward 1854-1936 - Artist? Botanist? 350-54
Maunder, R. Disas for Profit and Pleasure in the Southern Hemisphere 355-58
Menezes, L.C. Cattleyas/Laelia of the Brazilian Central Plateau 359-61
Monkhouse, S. Zygopetalums: "The Next Generation" 362-64
Moon, A. The Don Wimber Memorial Lectur 365-68
Oakeley, H.E. How Lycastes Behave 369-70
Oakeley, H.E. Photographing Orchids as Part of Record Taking 371-72
Perner, H. Conservation Prospects for Orchids in China 373-74
Phillips, P. Complex Paphiopedilums Into the New Millennium 375-78
Rolando, I.M. Orchid Conservation in Peru 379-81
Sauleda, R.P. The Genus Psychilis Rafinesque (Orchidacea) 382-89
Seaton, P.T., and H.W. Pritchard Recent Developments in Orchid Seed Banking 390-96
Smedley, D. Miniature Orchids of Australia 397-400
Staal, G. What is Eating Your Pleuro Salad? 401-03
Stewart, J. Stars of Africa and Madagascar: A New Look at the Genus Aerangis 404-06
Tan, K. Vanda Jones Ex R. Br. 407-10
Withner, C.L. The Cattleyas and Their Relatives from A to Z 411-15

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